Baffling Bartending Facts You Didn’t Know

According to, there was a special on NatGeo about the world of bartending and the best bars worldwide. There were some pretty remarkable bits of information in there and, today, I’d like to share a few with you.

Let’s start with one of the big ones.

President Lyndon B. Johnson was a repeat offender when it came to DUI. Of course, he never actually drove around populated areas intoxicated. Old LBJ was notorious for driving around his ranch in an open convertible with one hand on the wheel and another holding a scotch and soda. Whenever he’d run dry, he’d stop and the Secret Service detail would rush from their vehicle to refill.

Another interesting fact, how long do you think the longest bar in the world is? If you go to some of these bigger pubs, you’ve probably thought those bars were pretty long. The Beer Barrel Saloon in Ohio sports the World’s longest bar at a length of over 405 feet.

When Magellan prepared to set sail around the world, he actually spent more time and money packing the Sherry than anything useful like weaponry or food.

And those are just a few of the more interesting facts surrounding the world of beer and bartending.

Considering Bartending As A Lucrative Career

Many people tire of working in front of a desk all day. Fortunately, one can still make a solid income working in a service job. One of the best places to make a high income is in a bar. Here are three reasons why one should consider bartending.

Cash: With cash tips, one can significantly lower their tax burden with little effort. Of course, a bartender should not lie on his or her taxes.

Per hour: At a nice bar, one can make more than 20 an hour.You can find a quick Read the rest of this entry »

Taking A Bartending Class On Line

Are you interested in becoming a bartender? Maybe you really like mixing drinks for your friends and you already have a lot of experience in the bar scene, so you just think that it is a career path that makes sense. Before going out to apply for jobs, you should know that you will need to go to bartending school before you can get a position. There is a lot to learn, and you need to be certified before most bars and restaurants will Read the rest of this entry »

Learning How To Set Up A Basic Bar

Great hosting begins with a good bar setup. Whether on the kitchen counter or in a dedicated area complete with storage, basic essentials will make your job more enjoyable. Impressing guests doesn’t require a huge budget, but it helps to have accessories on hand to prepare the most popular cocktails. Preparatory tools include a corkscrew, opener for cans and bottles, measurers, drink shakers and an ice bucket. A blender will also come in handy.

Stemware comes Read the rest of this entry »

Learning Current Laws And Regulations In Bartending School

People who want jobs as bartenders will have more luck being employed if they take a regular course for bartending. A certified course will cover mixing of drinks, setting up the bar, health and safety practices and legal regulations. Every facility that serves alcohol is required by law to have a liquor license. If an establishment does not have this license and is caught serving alcohol it will be immediately shut down. The regulations and laws Read the rest of this entry »

Thinking About Starting A Bartending Career

Bartending – A Job Always In Demand
Without doubt, bartending has much to offer:
. job security
. great pay
. an exciting work environment
. lots of opportunity for future entrepreneurs

A Bartending Career
Bartending is an interesting blend of the world of business ownership, customer service and mixology. This is part of bartending courses. Proper mixing of alcoholic drinks is an interesting course of study. In addition, there are opportunities to network with professional bartenders and work in upscale pubs, bars and cocktail lounges around the globe. Bartending is a field like no other. Read the rest of this entry »

Where To Work As A Bartender

For those individuals who have an outgoing personality and love the nightlife, working as a bartender may be a perfect option for them. This job requires the person to be able to deal with a busy atmosphere, with multitasking and with being able to deal with many different kinds of people. A bartender is the one who is responsible for the preparation of all alcoholic beverages, and sometimes non-alcoholic beverages, at a bar and other location that have a bar. There are many different places that are in Read the rest of this entry »

Finding A Bartending Job After Graduation

Once you’ve completed your bartending course, you’ll be thrilled at all of the great places that are available for you to work. You might choose to work in the bar of a hotel or you might choose to take your career on the sea so that you can be the best bartender on a cruise ship.

You might be more interested in working as a bartender at your favorite night club where you can enjoy the loud music and the exciting crowds. The more crowded the place is, the busier you will be but the more money you will make. Read the rest of this entry »

Attend A Nationally Recognized Bartending School

If you are looking for a great career, consider attending Bartending School. When you choose to attend Bartending School, you are opening a lot of doors that can help you earn a lot of money. Maybe you love being social and you prefer to work a night shift over a day shift, you will find that you have the perfect traits to become a professional bartender.

You’ll be pleased with how quickly you can complete your courses and start your career.The full explanation can be found at http:// Read the rest of this entry »